Who would you be without that story?                                  How would you live your life differently?


       The Work of Byron Katie is a simple profound process for mental clarity and freedom from the stories & thoughts that cause our stress, strife and suffering. Doing the Work has two parts: first, clearly identify the stressful thought and second, enquire into that thought using the four questions then turn it around to its opposite.

       Doing the Work increases awareness; it is a pathway to reality, to what is, it is both a subtle & huge inner shift. What do I tell people the Work has done for me? The intention of the Work is kindness. The process of the Work is meditation. The result of the Work is freedom. These are treasures.

       The Work addresses your mind, body, emotions and overall well-being by questioning your concepts and beliefs. To put it simply, the work is enquiry about any thought which you keep telling yourself which is making you nuts. Enquiry consists of 4 questions: is it true? Can you absolutely know that it is true? How do you react when you belive the thought? Who would you be without this thought? And finally turning the thought around to its opposite. By asking the questions with an open mind, the Work ignites your intuition and invites a natural intelligence to guide you. Isn’t this all we are looking for with everything we chase?

       Instead of looking to outside sources to give us love, approval & appreciation, to fix or save us, or to fix & save somebody else... we can do the Work - it is an inner shift. This is adventure, it is the turning around of your life, a pathway into the “Inner Shift”. 



Have you ever noticed our “universal beliefs”? Thoughts like “my life is not  working, I'm too fat, I need more money, my child should listen to me, something is wrong with me, I'm afraid of getting old, I need to make a decision”. We suffer when we believe what we think. By doing the Work we can meet these thoughts with a new understanding, and become clear, find calm.

       The Work consists of identifying the stressful thought and doing enquiry by asking four questions and turning the thought around to its opposite. Truer thoughts are revealed. Your thinking becomes kinder. Practicing the method creates a calmer way of being with your mind and yourself. You can apply the Work to anything in your life, any situation, any person.

       You can easily do the Work alone or with a partner. Through questioning our thoughts, we make an inner shift - we change our relationship to the tightly held concepts & personal “stories” that create stress in our lives in relationships, at work, and on our spiritual path.

       The stress we create comes directly from how we think about our situation or what we think about the other person, not the situations or people themselves. Our real relationship is with our thoughts. Our true job is to be clear. Doing the Work is meditation: it brings us in the present, and shows us what is real now. We find it becomes much easier to be with what is as it is, instead of how we think it should be. What a relief!

       Whether doing the Work alone or with a partner in a one to one facilitation, we focus on which thoughts are causing the most stress in your life. We investigate each belief in depth and show the mind the truth and so become clear. It doesn’t matter whether the stressful thought has been with you for many years or whether it began just last week. It is an internal process of meditation, “an inside job”. You trust your answers to the 4 questions. Your thinking turns around – it is a different way of living your life.

       Byron Katie had a spiritual awakening in 1983. She offers “the Work” worldwide and has numerous best sellers including “Loving What Is” and “A thousand Names For Joy”.


  Doing the “Work” of Byron Katie is an “Inner Shift”

“What I came to see was that

my suffering wasn't a result of not having control;
it was a result of arguing with reality.
I discovered that
when I believed my thoughts,
I suffered, but that when I didn't believe them,
I didn't suffer, and that this is true for every human being.
Freedom is as simple as that.hat
when I believed my thoughts,
I suffered, but that when I didn't believe them,
I didn't suffer, and that this is true for every human being.
Freedom is as simple as that.”

                                                          - Byron Katie