Welcome to the Inner Shift. I hope you enjoy cruising around the site which is often a construction in motion. It has two themes: one is photography and painting, and the other is being a facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie and a Certified Counselor.

I see my life has been many “inner shifts”, from varying altitudes, and in many details. I’ve gone to India, Europe & California, to numerous teachers to practice different paths over the years. What is “the inner shift”?

For me shifts are evolutionary processes like learning kindness, learning to listen instead of defend, learning to trust instead of withdraw, forgive instead of resent, enjoy instead of compare and experiencing a new cutting edge method in working with myself & others. Shifts are inspired jumps into the NEW, sudden insights and awakenings which are immediate, surprising, possibly shocking, and as fast as thought. Inner Shifts are both an evolution and a jump to break free of what blinds, holds or eludes.

When you say “inner shift” to yourself, does it land somewhere in you? If you close your eyes and allow the meaning to visit, what happens? Something quiet and deeply positive? The Inner Shift has come by way of going through illusions, “mistakes”,  “accidents”, choices. And Grace. 

Inner Shifts are collaborative: I’ve had both tough & tender teachers, I’ve had lovers, friends and adversaries as daily collaborators - in ashrams, centers, communes, dojos, Zendos, churches, hotel conference rooms, and wherever I called home!

Maybe you have another name for Inner Shift like “Recovery, coming home, breaking free, blessing, miracle, God-moment, or self-realization”.

Inner Shift: is soft and dynamic, personal and divine, planned and unexpected, can kiss you on the way in and smack you on the way out! Or visa versa!  Eckhart Tolle points out a basic truth about the deepest inner shifts, that we daily live in the apparent paradox of  “I am an identity, a me”, and at the same time “I am a presence, a not me”. 

The Inner Shift is occurring all around us perhaps with everybody we know at their own pace and timing. This inner shift is what matters, is where I like to be. The way I facilitate this inner shift is by doing the Work of Byron Katie.



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Made on a Mac

Everything that you saw as a handicap
turns out to be the extreme opposite.
But you can only know that by staying in your integrity,
by going inside and finding out what your own truth is-
not the world's truth.
And then it is all revealed to you...
and inquiry brings you to that.

Byron Katie